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To put the Maya’s accomplishment in perspective, the people who worked on one of the first widely-used computer operating systems, UNIX, designed a calendar function for their system that only lasts until the year 2038. And they were writing UNIX in the 1970s.

Et comme chacun sait, 1970 est le début du monde.

These characters rarely choose to join a large community and cooperate peacefully within its boundaries and bylaws for the common good. Because as long as it’s all fantasy, why subject yourself to the same compromises and restrictions you tolerate in your real life? What kind of an imaginative exercise is that? The species of author who favors an apocalypse isn’t typically interested in relating the adventures of an optimistic team player. They want to explore the possibility of even more curmudgeonly solitude and alienation and painful self-reflection than is accessible by other means. The irony is that, by altering the entire course of human history in their imaginations, they end up right back where they started in the gloom of their offices: Staring into the abyss alone, wondering what meaning our hero can possibly pull from the void.

Et en passant, Revolution s’en prend plein la figure.

Un début de réflexion sur le piratage à suivre

Et Hadopi qui continue à se mettre le doigt dans l’oeil…

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