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  1. Hi HEIDI 🙂
    I love when you post about SOUND and VOICE (–> jamie bamber)

    LANGUAGE (the way it « sounds », « seduces », « impresses », « scares », « relaxes », « normalizes ») = THE ideological vehicle of an authoritarian capitalist mass culture ^^ and yet few people ever talk about it

    Don LaFontaine ! indeed, a legendary American voice !! a link to the Heartland and to the old days of radio … on the other hand, when I hear his voice I think « fake », « show business »,
    « Dolby voice »

    (there are 300 million other USA voices and the world hears very few of them)

  2. H., I was just testing your English reading comprehension skills 🙂

    You really understood everything I said ? I didn’t. LOL

    Please keep on posting anything you find relating to voice, accent,
    cadence, digital sound recording and editing, etc.
    It all fascinates me !

    (when I’m writing, I try to HEAR my characters’ voices — and even more, to try to IMAGINE how the characters’ introspective voices sound to their MIND’s EAR)
    (( and for good or bad, the voices we hear in movies often shape the soundtrack of our own imaginations))
    and how is turtle ?????
    he sent me a very nice note a week or two ago, but we haven’t corresponded since, please tell him hello

  3. I’m also very sensitive to voices and that’s part of the reason I prefer watching movies (or tvshows) in their original language (even if I don’t understand it).
    Some actors/actresses with great voices imho : David Strathairn, Vin Diesel, Cate Blanchett, Alan Rickman and I literally melt for Clive Owen’s. And there, you can already see a pattern 😉 Of course, there’re others but I just can’t remember right now (hey it’s getting late here!)

    Turtle’s fine. Hooked to his computer. As usual :O)

  4. Some other voices are simply nothing more than a voice carrying a message. Very average and not noticeable. Like Palin’s 🙂

  5. yes, that may be true about PALIN;
    however, it’s exactly the « average » quality that will attract voters to her. her flat USA accent, her unsophisticated language reminds people of their mothers, their 4th grade teachers, the woman who works at bed, bath and beyond and is so helpful !
    (the guys you mentioned are media STARS — and that’s exactly why a lot of republicans mistrust BARACK and HILLARY, the two of them seem too « Hollywood »)
    ((of course, PALIN’s apparently « wholesome » voice,
    like GW Bush’s is not « accidental » —
    in her youth she was in beauty pageants and her voice to me sounds like Miss America contestants))
    This video is an absolute GEM !!
    (but it is « reality », not a « movie »)

    and here’s a 1984 beauty pageant photo of Sarah Palin
    now, pull damien away from the computer, though it’s obviously a cozy SHELL !! 🙂

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