Articles conseillés du 15-10-2010

"Community manager " … je note

"What she didn’t mention was whether anyone else on that ‘Empire Strikes Back’ set was rolling around in the white stuff too. Not that it matters now, but a behind-the-scenes shot of Luke, Leia and Han Solo decked out in their snow suits snorting coke next to a sliced-open Tauntaun would’ve not only made for a great coffee table book, but it would’ve also given George Lucas a heart attack."


"Edward Cullen (Twilight)
Superpowers: General vampire powers. Sparkliness. Dark broody eyes.
Why he’s annoying: He’s the Jar Jar of teen vampires. He combines the stalker thing with the perverse sexually-withholding thing, for a perfect storm of sexual frustration and claustrophobic romance. (Claustrophobance.) When this proves not dramatic enough, he actually rejects Bella and moves away from her, and then decides to get the super-vampires to kill him, just to clinch the drama world championship."

Jar Jar XD

Euh les whopper que j’ai mangé n’avait pas cette gueule raplapla non plus

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