Articles conseillés du 05-03-2010

D’ailleurs je sais où est le bandana en question, j’ai des tonnes de VHS ici, et un lecteur de zip avec ses disques, par contre j’ai honte je n’ai jamais vu Bad Taste (il faut il faut. Mais j’ai vu les Feebles par contre) et j’ai un an de moins qu’Orlando Bloom d’abord :p

"Although each installment is directed by a different filmmaker, the palpable mystery and melancholy of the source material exerts a unifying control over the story as a whole, and creates a fascinating tapestry of greed, desperation and inhumanity. Indeed, the film’s weighty subject matter will undoubtedly be more than many can handle, less because of its particulars than because of its seeming inescapability; towards the end of the 1983 episode, I almost gave up strictly because it was so unforgivingly downbeat. But I’m grateful that I didn’t, not only because the series does offer some redemption, but because this feels like a story that must be fully experienced – endured, even – in order to be appreciated, and that goes hand in hand with its radical, virtuoso ups and especially downs."

ça résume très très bien ce que sont ces films et ce qu’on ressent en les regardant.

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