Articles conseillés du 13-01-2009

ça donne envie d’aller hanter une librairie ou une bibliothèque un site comme ça

Le/La Bridget Jones
Semble sentimentalement se chercher beaucoup avec le sexe opposé et s’en épanche dans toute la twittosphère, juste assez pour intriguer mais passez pour satisfaire.
Binouzette65 : Vais au restau avec mon chéri JE T’AIIIIMMMMME
Binouzette65 : les hommes sont tous des porcs.
Binouzette65 : contente, belle, HEUREUSE ce matin, ne me demandez pas pkoi hihi
Binouzette65 : Attaque 2e bouteille whisky. Vais virer gouine si ça continue.

Mais mais mais…. Marion !! Sors de ce corps !!!

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  1. that’s a great site, Heidi
    I’ve always thought that book cover designers are under-appreciated.
    Half of the people who read books choose it because of the cover, don’t you think ?
    I left a comment about Grey’s on Kame’s site, you see, I just can’t stand Meredith !! Little Grey has won over my heart !! She deserves a roll in the hay with Dr. Sloan.
    Sunday night, I started watching the new 24 with my wife. She’s a CRISIS JUNKIE and eats up that show. Jack is … what can you say? He’s Jack Bauer, there’s nobody else like him, LOL
    have a good day, BOUILLOIRE

  2. I was starting to wonder if you were ok. Writing maybe… ?
    Obviously Grey’s is not at the top at the moment. I really enjoy the Callie/Sloan relationship and Lexie’s character but that’s all. Apparently Mellisa George won’t be staying on the show for long. Are you watching Private Practice too ? I must admit I gave up after the first season… I loved Addison on Grey’s and she’s simply not herself on PP 🙁 (Plus I’m so not into alternative medicine)

  3. do you mean that the show is literally about ALTERNATIVE medicine …
    or is that your personal English term to describe spin-off shows ?

  4. It’s really about alternative medicine. That’s kind of difficult to imagine neonatal surgeon Addison working in a clinic where they treat patients with meditation and mud huh ?!

  5. I want to correct one thing about your English (which overall is brilliant!)

    It’s extremely difficult for French speakers to master here vs. there, this vs. that, that vs. it and so on

    you should’ve said:
    « It’s kind of difficult to imagine Addison … »
    (just as you said, « It’s really about … »)

    bonne continuation!
    (I tried to scribble French this morning on Tortoise’s shell, however the treacherous French grammar caused my hand to slip and I poked myself in the eye with the pen … apparently, I’m not as skilled a graphic artist as Wim Delvoye

    often, I need no television, fiction or cinema
    images like this one give me a lot to meditate about

    what do you think ?

  6. thanks, it gives me an artistic idea
    I’m going to bring down my daughter’s old doll house from the attic
    and REDECORATE the rooms
    she lives in maine now, so she should be able to find lots of kitschy lobsters a la Koons

    (in the first line above, I could’ve also written « thanks, THAT gives me an artistic idea », it’s impossible to figure out THIS kind of idiomatic stuff in a second language)

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