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  1. C’est l’equivalent du code téléphonique 555 (qui n’existe pas) des Etats-Unis. Comme ça, ils sont sûrs de ne pas donne l’IP de quelqu’un 🙂

  2. Un basic 192.168.x.x aurait suffit à paraître vrai, toujours faire hurler le Tanuki sans pour autant enquiquiner un inconnu 🙂

  3. Hello heidi
    it’s a good thing I’m a native English speaker,
    I read every last word of all 15 paragraphs of the recap,
    but it was worth it ! just to reach these final lines:

     » Grissom confesses to Brass that he wishes he’d never solved the case … and we’re all left wondering which direction Grissom’s meltdown will head next. »

    Grissom is a great character. And « meltdown » is a great word.

    (thank you dda for pointing out the « 555 » quality of that IP address,
    there’s probably an online directory somewhere –> IMAGINARY IP addresses associated with FICTIONAL characters)

  4. Petersen is leaving the show on december 12’s episode, just before Christmas break. I’d rather see him depressed than dead 😉

  5. ah, « Christmas » … merci bcp, you put a smile on my face, it makes me think of snowflakes and cookies and pine trees … and Christmas tree lights (though I’m sure you and Damien will try to make me feel guilty for using them !!)

    man, actors like Petersen must be thanking the patron gods of the Theater
    for these USA TV series !! It’s kept their piggy banks full ($600,00 per episode for WP).

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