… A Girl’s Guide to Vampires de Katie MacAlister

Chapter One
« Gin makes me brilliant. »

« No, Joy, you just think gin makes you brilliant. Gin makes you sotted. Chocolate makes you brilliant. »

I looked at the reflection in the French door of the dark-haired woman sitting next to me in a circle of lit candles, and shook my head with a solemnity that I hoped belied the aforementioned sottedness. My reflection shook her head as if to warn me. I decided to heed the warning, and carefully set down my glass. « Chocolate has many powers, most notably in the area of adding heft to my hips. But gin, in fact, makes me brilliant. »

Our companion drifted around the room lighting more scented candles, pausing to raise her eyebrows at the sight of our mutual friend snorting with laughter into her vodka martini.

« No more libations of a vodka nature for you, Roxanne, » Miranda warned before lighting one last candle and dropping down onto a taupe and green leaf-print rug across from us. « The Goddess doesn’t grant her blessings upon those who are soused. Joy, what is it you are being brilliant about? »

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